March 12, 2010 at 02:04 am


My Second Android App.

Straight forward. The function of this application is to know your IP address.

Feel free to comment.

Special Thanks:

1. Jesus Christ – my one and only saviour

2. – for the module

3. Dede – for the korean food today.

4. Peppo for letting me write this app during the class.

5. etc.

March 9, 2010 at 05:08 am

MyNextRide (android app)


This is the first android application produced by me. Feel free to give me a feedback.

What MyNextRide can do?

- show the next SEPTA (for right now) schedule

- this version includes buses/trolleys/subway


Choose Your Ride’s Number: Choose Your Bus/Trolleys/Subway Number

Choose Direction: Direction of your ride

Choose Location: The stop location of your ride

Next Ride: Shows the time of your ride



- The time is not accurate? This is not a real time based but schedule based, if your ride is late don;t blame me, they suppose to be on time.

- The Bus number is inaccurate?  I used the database that was provided by SEPTA, if the database not accurate, blame them for not upload the latest database.

- When i try to find my next subway, the application said “connection error”? Currently the application only using online mode, if you have no wi-fi or 3G connection you can’t access the database. I am working with the offline mode.

Any suggestions or questions send me email :

Future Improvement:

- offline mode

- regional rail (SEPTA) database

- favorite (save some configs)

- GPS based

- other authorities database (Trimet-Portland, Amtrax-NJ, etc.)

Special Thanks to:

- Jesus Christ – My Lord and My Saviour

- My Parents & Sister

- dede (for patiently waiting for me writing this app)

- Ko Max + Eric (who always encourage and inspire me)

- Anyen (for setting up the database)

- Fani, Lina, Stefen, Will, Markus, Kenny, Caro, Cuitz, Mbok, Nik Mir, Sean etc.

- ISO guys


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